Youtube News / with call in opposition.

Live Youtube news of the day (Or maybe the past day – gives some prep time?) With a twist.

The Twist, have a live call in so people can react to that news, but, and here is the real twist, have it be from people who disagree with your ideological slant.

Maybe carry one caller through the entire news show, or have a new caller for each new story – would have to test to see which is more popular.

Who doesn’t want to talk back to the talking heads?  I would watch the hell out of that news.

(I say ‘caller’ like some old man sitting on his front porch pointing his cane at the young kids hover-boarding by, skype?  There must be some new Insta-snap or something that allows video calling and is popular)

Further, I think it would take a lot of discipline to stay neutral and not try to make it a gotcha kind of show, the neutrality is where the eyeballs would be, the non-partisan nature.   Once you decided to be the propoganda arm for one party, you have lost all credibility.

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