The Bomb Threats show the Political Divisions are similar to a conflict from our past.

Honestly, the bomb threats show how divided the country is. Automatically both sides think the other did it. The Constitutionalists/Nationalists think it is a false flag operation staged by the Socialists/Globalists and the Socialists/Globalists think we are purposely targeting them.

The Leftist Media automatically attacked the President and claimed that he caused this by being divisive and encouraging violence and the President did the polar opposite last night.

For the most part, the President is correct. The Leftists, Socialists, and Globalists have heen the violent ones. But that is besides the point. In our public spaces, there is no middle ground. On social media, mainstream media, and alternative media sources. You have two sides that are extreme of each other.

This coming election, like the prior one will further increase the divide. Honestly, the social atmosphere and mood does not match what historically happened in the 1960s and 1970s. That was a different story altogether. The majority of the country was not rabid anti-war hippies and later crazy Marxists useless twats. The majority was still working class families.

The division today is more like the 1850s. But it isn’t geographical to a degree. And back before the Civil War, it wasn’t either. You did have supporters of both sides residing in what would be both Union and Confederate areas. But I wouldn’t even liken this to the Civil War. In reality, this is more like the division between Patriots and Tories before and during the War of Independence. There is was truly mixed and wasn’t as defined geographically as the division between Union and Confederate.

If we go kinetic, it won’t be open sides like the Civil War, but more like the Southern Theater of the War of Independence. Neighbor against Neighbor in the dead of night. Homes being burnt, folks being killed in their sleep, rivalries flaring up, random acts on semi known public figures. Businesses targeted, etc….

I can say this, I don’t think there will be a mending until there is conflict. There is over a century of built up hostility, starting with the Socialists Movements in the 1880s. It has been slowly creeping up and now it is close to a boiling point.

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