01-02-2018 Work

What I’m reading today: Brainwalker

Did some editing on book 1 of the Jax Wright series, what the hell was I thinking with that ending?  Sure I wanted a “He’s dead, Jim” moment, but damn did I go for a fast wrap up.  Jax’s Mom getting some stray anniversary card (Never introduced earlier yet!) with the winning lottery tickets inside, sure I want to go the winning lottery route, but introduce those tickets early in the story, ok Bill?

I think I have the default font and size thing buttoned down in Scrivener, I will know next project start.  It will be nice to be able to see the font without having to screw with settings for each individual chapter.

Walked the Red Rock loop as usual, ran into a small pack of Coyotes that Molly went after.  Pretty exciting there for a short period of time.


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