01-3-2018 – Work

What I am reading today: Simple Buddhism: A Guide to Enlightened Living

Got that last single chapter cleaved in two, Ishii is getting more punishment and Jax’s Mom will have a coherent excuse as to why she has received a couple fo huge winning lottery tickets in the mail.  Along with everything going her way.   Any luck I ought to have these two chapters done by the end of the weekend and I can then really dive into aline edit of the entire manuscript.

If you look at the image I attached to this post, you ought to see Molly examining a silver spoon.  This silver spoon has bene on a trail that the two of us have been going to since she was a tiny nugget of a puppy.  I call this trail “The Silver Spoon Trail” and only amazed that no one has picked it up, kicked it out of the way or otherwise molested it.



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