01-27-2018 – Work

What I’m Reading: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

The day was a mishmash of walking Molly, and writing.  Basically I wrote until she came and nudged me, then I would walk her.  I would get 200 words in or so, then spend some time staring at the window, then she would nudge me.   I was doing maybe a mile and a half each walk, so now, she is tired and leaving me alone.   If only I coudl tech Molly how to type, I could lay on the floor and she coudl transcribe for me.  That would be nice.  And she woudl feel useful.

I also worked a bit on our front door.  There are these two weird rollers embedded in the door, that hold it closed, admittedly it is a huge front door, but these rollers needed a bit of adjustment.  Once I did, the door stays nicely closed. Bonus, I felt handy.

Made meatloaf with scalloped potatoes for dinner.  The reason I made meatloaf was, I wanted to see if I could optimize the meatloaf experince, by replacing the breadcrumbs, with mashed potatoes.  It kinda worked.  It gave a very meatloafy loaf, and it was edible, but it was rather more dense than a normal meatloaf.  As experiments went, it was anti-climactic.

1,100 words down, and maybe 200 edited out of existence.  So not a bad day of writing.  I still feel like shit, stuffy nose, killer of a headache and all my joints ache – but I don’t want to complain.  I’ll survive and not even remember it.

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