01-24-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: The Power of Myth

I worked on the Ariel Atom’s brakes today, they only have 300 miles on them but there was a persistent squeal, so I took them all apart, brake squealed them up (A paste), then reassembled them.  I came ][ that close to pushing one of the pistons in which  would have been an unfortunate thing, causing me to have to bleed the entire system.   Thankfully I caught myself at the very last moment of idly poking at things.  Once you get into a project like that, it is best to jsut go at it till it’s done, instead of sitting around, staring at it expecting it to get done on it’s own.  But, it’s done and they work and there is no more squeal.

Did a solid 7 miles today, mostly on the trail.  Felt good to stretch the legs, still can’t get Molly into the jeep though.

Wrote 1,825 words today, fleshed out Lauras story and Mrs. Carlotta.  Neither one is in any way done, but I know who they are now and how they will react.  So thats good.   Laura is going to be fun as she is based off of one of my neighbors.  Keith was also based off of an old friend of mine, only I turned out to really dislike Keith in my story, but in real life, I think the real Keith is a pretty cool dude.


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