01-23-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: Commodore: The Amiga Years (I loved my Amiga)

Took the shorter leg of the Skywalker Trail and it was kind of a let down.  Only ran about 1.5 miles and it was rather unscenic.

Got the Media room chairs delivered today, took the dudes almost 2 hours to get them all assembled and situated.   But, my god, what amazing chairs these are.  Lumbar, head, recline, heat and the leather must have come from the veal cows as it is as soft as a baby cows bottom.   I might sleep on one tonight, and definitely will make it a point to read down there.

Made a recycling run, which wound up me trying to pack the jeep with as much crap as possible to get rid of.  LOL, I was tossing stuff out only becasue it was at hand.  Some of that stuff i might have actually wanted.  Oh well.

Wrote 850 words, mostly to Keiths story, and am about to wrap him up.  I did toss maybe a hundred into Alice’s story where they may get cut at the next edit, but for today, they looked like they fit.  Gonna be happy to move on from Keith, he is a weeny, though he tried.

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