Trust in the Magic

There’s a bit of magic that happens to all writers at one time or another.

You sit down to start writing and the words aren’t coming.

You keep at it for a bit, and the words still aren’t coming.

You press on and on, and the words still aren’t coming.

And at some point, the words start coming. The emotions are flowing. The scene seems to be writing itself.

It feels like magic when that happens.

The problem is that you can’t make the magic happen.

Sometimes when you write, the magic doesn’t happen.

That’s discouraging, but remember that the magic doesn’t always happen. That’s what makes it magic when it does.

It’s OK when the magic doesn’t happen.

Sometimes it doesn’t happen for days, or weeks, or months.

You may think the magic is lost, that you’ll never have it again.

But you will.

You will if you give it a chance.

You won’t if you give up on it.

The magic will come again.

Maybe today, maybe some other day.

But it will come.

Trust the magic.

Wait for the magic.

Enjoy the magic when it comes.

Don’t kid yourself that you can make the magic happen. You can’t.

Don’t torment yourself when the magic doesn’t happen. It will.

Wait for the magic.

Believe in the magic.

Trust the magic.

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