01-21-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

T0day was spent running around, Grocery, Hardware, Pet store.   I’m beat from the driving.

I watched an oldie but a goody this afternoon, “Panic in the Year Zero” if you have never seen it, give it a watch.  Trigger warning:  It was another time.

Made my own pizza for dinner (Detroit style), it came out amazing.  Only problem is, no leftovers, so tomorrow is a full soylent day.

Did a bit of work on the quadcopter, attached the motors.  Unpacked the flight controller and camera.  Am amazed that these guys making videos of these things, all seem like a step above Neanderthals.  I am lost on the assembly.  LOL.  I guess it will take time.

Was invited to talk at JOJOCruise this year, then found out that Scalzi and Wheaton were going to be there.  The amount of estrogen in those two alone make me feel like wearing women’s underwear, so I begged off.

Got 1,500 words done.  No editing.  Just rammed it through, found about about Keith, and while he is a good Baptist and an excellent ER doc, he sucks as a human being.  I kinda liked that.

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