01-20-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: Cnut the Great

Day 2 of Molly refusing to get into the car.  She is now bouncing off the walls, and I figure it is going to be a long night.

Spent an hour or so putting together (Partially) the quadcopter.   Got it mostly together and realized I had it all backwards.  LOL.  things went much more smoothly once I realigned parts to the correct orientation.

I did a bit of editing, cut maybe 5%, rejiggered a little bit of dialogue and found a paragraph that simply does not work, either simply by reading or by reading out loud.  I have highlighted it and will rework that tomorrow.

Got 1,200 words down of new stuff afterwards, finished Alices’s story and will move on to Keith’s viewpoint.  So hopping from a 14 year old foulmouthed girl to a 42 year old E.R. Physician.   I think, Keith won’t swear, maybe he is a Baptist?

Felt like snow out there tonight, the fireplace is roaring, I have the hottub filled with 104 degree water and now I am going to go read some mindless stuff (As opposed to the early morning read).

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