01-19-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: Man’s Search for Meaning

Well, on our Red Rock Loop hike, Molly refused to get back in the truck.   Which means, she will have to settle for long walks around the house on a leash.  That makes me sad.

I got 2,700 words done today, pretty close to a chapter, in fact I think I might push this one out to about 3,200 words or so and run with it that way throughout the entire book.  Basically it is a Apocalypse story, but, instead of moving from the early beginnings of the downfall, I am going to a lot a new protagonist for each chapter and tell their story o f it hitting them.  Not much on middle story there, but I always thought the exciting bits were the very beginning anyway.   Either way, it is an interesting experiment, one which I have not seen anyone else do.

Bone tired today, slept poorly last night and seem to have paid for it today.

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