Airbnb for businesses?

I always wanted to run a pet store, not to actually sell the creatures, but to get to take care of a whole slew of different critters than I am accustomed to.  Lizards, snakes, toads, fish, rodents of all variety, you name it.

Why not a company like Airbnb that lets you rent out a store, and run it for a specified length of time?  Maybe the owners stay on and guide you, or maybe they don’t.  (Maybe the rental costs more if they do?)

I would love to work at a McDonalds for a week or so as well, I never did retail food as a job and I think it would be fun to learn the mechanisms by which they work. Maybe McDonalds could rent me a job, where i pay them a rental fee and they take me in as a new employee, but I don’t have the obligation of hanging around after the training and what not?

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