Blank Canvas

I have a friend in the fashion industry, she tells me the fashion industry is very competitive. Many aspiring designers never get a chance to see their work on the runway, let alone be sold in stores. So how about a  system that will allow anyone to share their designs with the world. In return, if the designs are popular among the people, they can manufacture the design and sell it, giving the designers a share of the profit.

Design and Create
• Clothing designs are created by the designers
• Requires at least one physical model design to be submitted
• Each proposed design must include multiple sizing and materials used
Posting on the Platform, garnering votes
• Designers will upload the photos of their products on the blanc platform
• The community will then rate the product by pre-ordering it
• Products with the most number of votes will be featured

Hitting quota
• Perks will be given to the designers after the reached a certain number of votes
• After reaching a certain threshold, designers and customers are not allowed to cancel withdraw from producing or from purchasing the product

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