01-13-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: Al-Sabah: History and Genealogy of Kuwait’s Ruling Family, 1752-1986

Taught myself anodizing titanium this morning.   Easier than I thought, but picayune little details that were time consuming.  It was fun.  Tinkery.

Had a nice hike with Sandra and Molly today, it went by much faster than usual.

Sandra found a chest of drawers at a garage sale that fit almost perfectly under the Bedroom T.V., We needed to add 4 inch legs on to it to make it flush.  Simple carpentry project that came out great.  Tomorrow I will need to cut the back out so I can route the wires to the DVR and apple TV, and stuff.   Sawz-all to the rescue.

1,200 words down.  Not bad ones.  They are for a story that was back burnered, but the muse was speaking, I had to listen.

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