01-12-2018 – Work

What I’m reading today: Siddhartha

Did a lot of running around today, with only a bit on non-wheel-spinning going on.   Safeway, Ace, Staples, PetSmart, Golden Bone, UPS Store.   Felt like more.  Returned an Instant-Pot that I bought, for, I got no idea why.   I enjoy the cooking process, I also enjoy some of it that takes longer than other parts. I am not really looking for a way to speed it up, or get it over with.  What was I thinking?

Outlined as I did the red rock loop trail tonight, a story about a rock that bestows godhood on the possessor.  Phenomenal opening line.   Got home and had to put out a few small fires and most of it was forgotten, especially that punchy, great opening line.  Which put me in a semi-foul mood.

Edited a bit, was able to cut 10% out of 2 chapters, which tightened up the flow a lot better but I am unsure if the dialogue is going to feel stilted.  I will have to do another re-read, but out loud this time to make sure it sounds right.

Got 527 words down of new stuff, of which I am pretty sure all of it will be cut once I come to my senses.

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