01-11-2018 – Work

What I’m Reading: Popol Vuh: The Definitive Edition of The Mayan Book of The Dawn of Life and The Glories of Gods and Kings

Was able to get the metal I needed for my super secret project.   I was also able to secure down the bench vise I have had sitting on my workbench for the longest time.  Now I can get to the welding.

Hit the mavericks down in Cottonwood for that oh-so-good ethanol free gas.  I can acutely hear my car sigh as I pump it into the tank.  It is that good.

Molly and I met up with Gbo and Caroline (and Ceaser) on our red rock loop walk to day, poor Gbo sprained his rear leg slipping on mud while chasing Molly.  I felt really bad for the doofus.

I got 1,400 words down today and cut 75 words form another chapter.  All in all a net positive day.

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