01-31-2018 – Work

What I’m reading: Principles: Life and Work

Today was a puttering day.  I cleaned out some of the garage.  Adjusted the calipers on the Ariel Atom.  Found places for the Shopsmith attachments.   Took a bunch of crap to recycling.  Stripped my ‘art wall’ to make room for Sandras work.

Did a 5 mile hike in the AM – made an appointment for Molly to see the vet.  Maybe she can tell me if my dog is jsut a psycho or if there is something the matter.  I hope she prescribes good drugs.

Edited my Edited stuff form yesterday, just a tip, don’t edit your work when zonked on cold medicine.  I wound up adding most of the excised stuff back in.  Ah well, impetuous youth.

Got a slim 552 words down, but I am going to stick with them, as they are so few and do my best not to edit that few paragraphs.

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